Smart Building

Bringing more comfort and convenience for residents, staff, operators and visitors.


Transform student housing with a smart building infrastructure

Adapt and grow with the evolving demands of student life, ensuring personalized comfort settings, secure access, and comprehensive understanding of visitor traffic, all streamlined through intuitive and real-time smart technology that is seamlessly integrated by Groove Technologies.


Smart Dorm Living

Investing in smart building technology for dorms means more than just automation; it means creating an environment that responds to the unique rhythms of student life.

Features like individual climate control enhance student comfort, while smart security systems ensure a safe living space and smart data directing attention to climate control best practices.

With real-time data, preventative maintenance allows you to stay ahead of issues before they become problems, ensuring the smooth operation of all facilities.

Partnering with Groove by adopting smart building solutions in your student housing isn’t just about providing immediate student benefits; it’s a strategic decision for the future of the business. These systems offer long-term cost savings through energy efficiency, contribute to higher property value, and position your housing as THE place to stay on campus. 

Try our system today and experience the benefits of a centralized, unified solution.

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