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Groove’s modern phone systems are the perfect blend of classic design and advanced technology, tailored for the dynamic communication needs of dorms and student housing.

With options that weren’t available from a single provider before, we combine the comfort of traditional phones with the latest tech advancements, offering features and conveniences that go beyond standard operational needs.

Partner Solution: Voiceware Meets The Needs Of Your Students

Our communication platform is a powerhouse of flexibility, designed to adapt to the evolving needs of student accommodations.

As the requirements of student life change or as the needs in housing facilities scale, or the variety of services offered increase – our systems do so cost-effectively.

The Voiceware and ConnectWare Platforms Include:

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Call Accounting Voicemail

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24/7 Hardware & Software Support

Phone Systems

PMS Integration

Phone Systems

LTE Failover for Guaranteed System Uptime

Groove’s blend of classic and innovative phone technology sets your facilities apart by keeping its students and staff reliably connected. It allows housing managers to concentrate on what matters most – enhancing the student living experience and meeting their ever-changing communication needs.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to revolutionize your communication system. Contact us and experience the future of business communication.

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