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Advanced energy management systems offer students precise control over their living environment. This technology not only optimizes comfort but also helps define cost-effective and sustainable operational practices.


Not Just Another Thermostat

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Energy Management

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Energy Management goes beyond comfort

It speaks to the increasing environmental and sustainability narrative while being cost-efficient for student housing operators.

Smart energy solutions significantly reduce energy waste, lowers utility bills and provides a quicker return on investment (ROI).

This not only benefits the operators but also appeals to the environmentally conscious student population.


Smart thermostats and room control devices, creating intelligent sustainable environments for apartment automation.

Smart lighting solutions with everything your residents need.

Versatile smart lighting system for all residences, easy to install and use, integrating with various smart home products.

Explore a mesh networking technology to provide quick, reliable, and secure communication to a wide variety of certified smart products such as sensors, thermostats, locks, and more.

Modern Controls for Environmental Management

Groove’s modern control systems allow for the automation of environmental settings and lighting in each room, giving students the ability to make decisions about their comfort.

This hands-on approach to energy management ensures ease of use and contributes to an effortless living experience.

In the competitive world of student accommodations, where financial awareness and eco-friendly measures are increasingly important, effective energy management becomes a key differentiator.

It enhances the appeal of student housing properties, ensuring they are not just places to stay but sustainable living environments that actively contribute to a student's well-being and academic success.


When you choose Groove, you effectively give students the big WIN.

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