Access Control

Controlled Access to some or all of their friends

Smart Access

Security and Safety

Simplified Management

Connected Living

At Groove, we start with student-centered objectives to enhance the living experience in dorms and student housing.Access Control in these active communities is essential for ensuring safety and offering a sense of independence to students.

Our system oversees entry points both around the property's perimeter and within the housing facilities, using sophisticated management technology to ensure every student enjoys a secure and accessible environment.

Ensuring freedom and ease of access

If you want to make an impact in a dorm or  student housing environment, provide  security measures that are reliable, ensuring freedom and ease of access.

Our Access Control systems address these needs, providing students with the autonomy to come and go, while protecting them from unauthorized access. This ensures not just safety but also contributes to a positive and hassle-free living experience.

Our approach to Access Control in student accommodations focuses on user-friendly technology that students can trust and rely on. This not only offers peace of mind to students and their families but also streamlines operations for housing staff, demonstrating a clear return on investment.

With Groove's Access Control solutions, we aim to create more than just secure living spaces; our goal is to help you build a vibrant community where students feel a strong sense of belonging, inclusion and empowerment. Our system is designed to support the lively, diverse, and dynamic nature of student life, where security, independence, and community come together with little to no objections.


Secure = Future

Together we can help students get in the doors…we are also there when they forget to lock them on their way out.

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