Digital Signage: How Your Business Can Benefit From It?

Written by Ana Boechat

Digital Signage: What It Is And How Your Business Can Benefit From It

A modern commercial structure isn’t complete without digital signage. Advancements in technology have made digital messaging both convenient and essential. 

Adding digital signage to your office location can benefit your business. Visual displays look modern and professional, which can lend to your business credibility. 

What is Digital Signage?

The typical American consumer has grown accustomed to receiving information through visual and digital means. Social media, streaming services, and phone apps have made digital advertising through video, the most common advertising method.

In addition to being present in almost every setting, many consumers have become dependent on receiving information through videos and other virtual display ads.

The concept of digital signage encompasses everything related to these digital displays. These can be used for lobby displays, restaurant menus, in-store displays, and more. They offer a convenient way to change messaging for various purposes, making them both advanced and economical.

Provide Comfort and Entertainment to Guests

One way digital signage can be advantageous to your business is by providing your customers with comfort and entertainment. Installing digital displays in places such as lobbies, waiting rooms, or reception areas can provide customers with a way to relax and unwind while waiting to conduct their business.

Your business can use digital displays to display news, sports, weather, stock information, or other channels. Prioritizing customer comfort is a great way to establish a positive relationship between your company and them.

Provide a Method for Visual Merchandising

Comfort and entertainment are good things to prioritize, but digital signage offers a much more helpful solution for your business. This more lucrative solution is known as visual merchandising. 

Most retail locations use visual merchandising to highlight unique products, deals, or features. This is because nearly all shoppers make impulse purchases. Visual merchandising makes a product look appealing, enticing a customer to make a purchase.

These visual displays utilize human impulse by creating an inviting and enticing visual depiction of a product or service. Over 80% of impulse buys happen in brick and mortar locations, making physical businesses more effective at harnessing impulse power. So, if you have a physical store, you can take more significant advantage of visual cues to gain more revenue.

Utilizing visual merchandising can help draw more customers into your store and highlight featured products and promotions. Ideally, this will increase sales, leaving your business with more profits. 

Advertising Response Function

An old business adage states that a potential customer has to see a message or promotion a minimum of seven times before they’ll be willing to take action.

More recent practices model the likelihood of someone committing to action along a mathematical S curve known as the advertising response function. According to that method, there is an optimal number of times an individual needs to be exposed to a message or promotion in order to act on any call to action. 

Whatever the science, the principle is that a customer needs to be exposed and reexposed to a message multiple times to be incentivized enough to act. Digital signage is how you can expose your customers to an invitation to act, thus increasing the volume of messaging and, ideally, the quality of sales.

Video Displays and Customer Preference

The digital age comes with a lot of advantages for customers. Prospective customers can find out everything they need to know about a product or service online. At least, that’s how it seems. If someone wants to order a product online, it is easy to find product descriptions. There are business reviews if a customer wants to know if a company offers good services.

With so much information available online, more customers are becoming dependent on the internet for all the information they need to decide. The digital sphere is becoming more crowded with information, and it’s becoming harder for potential customers to sort through the clout. This being, buyers seek media that can quickly answer their questions in the clearest way possible. Most of the time, this means through video.

The numbers for video consumption preferences are staggering. Sixty-six percent of respondents in one survey indicated that they would rather watch a short video to learn more about a product or service than read a description or other alternate communicative method. 

About 75% of executives depend on video to inform them of a product or service in the business-to-business sphere. So, when searching for a vendor or service to fulfill a need, business executives are more likely to seek out videos than other methods of communication.

The Different Kinds of Digital Signage

Depending on what you need your digital signage to do, you can take advantage of any of the following options:

  • Dynamic digital signage – Display a single image at a time. Perfect for restaurant menus and retail.
  • Automated digital signage – Show live data, including weather, stocks, or essential updates.
  • Advertising digital signage – Utilize digital technologies for marketing your products and services. Display product features and special deals to encourage customers to buy.
  • Interactive digital signage – Draw your customers in with an interactive display. Allow them to interact with products before purchasing.

The versatility and application of digital signage can fit nearly any business need. If you want to entertain, inform, display, promote, celebrate, or feature anything, digital signage is the solution you need.

Digital Signage Help From Groove Technology Solutions

Taking advantage of the digital age isn’t difficult. With a small entry cost for digital signage, you can transform your lobby, reception area, or retail center. That’s where Groove Technology Solutions comes into the picture.

Digital signage will help your location look more modern and can pay return dividends in the form of higher sales and greater customer engagement.Upgrading your place of business to take advantage of the benefits of the digital age doesn’t have to be complicated. Contact us today to see how digital signage can transform your business! We’d love to hear your goals and help you achieve them!