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We are looking to grow our team with fabulous new talent that can offer diversity of thought and strength of character to Groove Entertainment Technologies. We are so excited to get to know you personally.  We not only look for what you can offer Groove, but also how Groove can play a role in your personal and professional evolution. With our fun and relaxed company culture, Groove has a great environment to foster growth and career development. 

Don't see your dream job listed? Send in your resume and cover letter for a general application or if you are interested in being a traveling technical contractor, please see below. We will keep your resume on file, and we will reach out if we have a future role that fits what you can bring to our team.

General Application or 1099 Contractor Application
What Makes Groove Special

What matters to  the employees and especially to our President Lance, is that the members of this company are doing well. Groove has grown from such humble beginnings into an industry leader.  It's kind of cool to watch it mature as time goes on.

- Krystal Hooper, Accounting Assistant

Groove is a company filled with good people and good vibes all around. The teamwork and comradery make it fun to be here. I also enjoy being a part of something that continues to grow. It's fun to see where the business has come from and where it's going.

- Joey Plaskett, Technical Support Rep

I worked in finance my entire career before Groove, and the companies I worked for put profit before people. I love working for Groove because the belief here is to make customers and employees happy first, and then the money will follow.

- Andrew Johnson, Sales Manager

I love that I can be innovative in my role, and truly figure out best practice for the HR Department. I see an idea from beginning stages through the finish line. It is exciting. Plus, I get to help setup our team members for success and see the impact of the effort I put into my work. It truly is a refreshing change from companies I have worked for in the past.

- Jane Burns, HR Manager