cellular amplification

An all-for-one and one-for-all connection

Flex the power of your venue

Elevate the connectivity of your arena or stadium with Groove's top-tier Cellular Amplification, ensuring strong and reliable cellular reception throughout these large venues.

Our strategically installed hardware creates a dependable signal network, providing guests and staff with a seamless communication experience, essential in today’s socially connected events.

Performance Leadership

Ease of Install

Leaders in Value


Carrier Grade Approved

When thousands gather, thousands expect uninterrupted cellular service. Groove’s cellular solution addresses the common challenges of dropped calls and poor reception in such vast spaces.

Reliable connectivity is crucial for visitors, whether they’re sharing live moments on social media, coordinating meet-ups, or accessing online services.

Crowds are happier, more calm and self controlled when they feel connected. Cellular Amplification becomes a key component of the visitor experience.

For arenas and stadiums, providing more than just a space for events, but an environment where continuous connection is assured, helps to insure your investment. Improving cellular connectivity not only boosts guest satisfaction but also positions your venue as a modern, technologically advanced space.

Take connection to
another level!

Partner with Groove to transform your arena or stadium into a venue known for seamless connectivity. Stand out as a venue where guests can stay fully connected, enriching their event experience.

Groove’s Cellular Amplification might just be the reason every guest can confidently say…YES, I CAN hear you now.

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