For more than a decade, Groove has been a leading provider of DIRECTV services in commercial and hospitality.  Our solutions-oriented approach has led to a broad offering of technology solutions tailored to demanding customers who are value oriented.  While our early years were shaped by our efforts to survive, we ultimately found the place where our employees could thrive.  Today Groove is a dependable and trusted leader in technology implementations in the commercial, lodging and institution industries.

Why Groove?

The answer is simple . . . our employees. Our team is made up of a collection of characters with unique qualities and varied skill sets that are fostered in a culture of value and appreciation.

The result is a well-rounded, solutions-oriented team with a shared goal. We want to be our best so that we can be the best in the industry.

We’re not perfect, and things don’t always go according to plan, but collectively we recognize that every challenge provides an opportunity for growth which makes us better at finding solutions that are as personalized as the services we provide.

Corporate Office
4141 S Highland Dr #100
Salt Lake City, UT 84124
Midwest Regional Office
3500 Highway 13 West
Burnsville, MN 55337
Southwest Regional Office
1200 W. University Dr.
Tempe, AZ 85281
Lance Platt
Chief Adrenaline Officer
Anthony Fleming
VP, Sales
Eye of Sauron
Nick Fuoco
Lord of the Ledgers
Adrian Cox
Radio Flyer
Support Team
Skipper Dean
Legal Counsel
Better Call Saul
Jemma Hamilton
HR Manager
Halloween Extraordinaire
James West
Director, Technology
The Road Dog
Sam Kirsling
Director of Quality
DJ SamSeed
Lindsie Brown
Office Manager, People & Culture
Pound Cake
Crystal Gourley
Sales Support Manager
Nature Junky
Alina West
Sales Support Administrator
Cat Whisperer
Josh Mello
Marketing Manager
The Foreigner
Dan Star
Digital Media Manager
Mr. Christmas
Dusty Grover
Systems Mgr/Sr. Salesforce Administrator
Discin' Dusty
Gideon Hertel
Jr. Salesforce Administrator
Brandon King
Project Engineer
Uncle Rico
Mason Allan
Project Engineer
Mr All In
TJ Hatt
Project Engineer
Ray Amarosa
Project Engineer
David Goldman
Network Engineer
Joel Erickson
Broadband / Telecom Manager
Joel on Phone Patrol
Montana Lyon
Sales Engineer
Lyon King
Lindsey Castro Oakeson
Project Team Manager
Principle Party Planner
Brianne Reed
Project Manager
THE Gate Keeper
Lisa Underwood
Project Manager
Mona Lisa
Janine Reed
Project Manager
Mark Priester
Project Manager
Old MacDonald
William Rogers
Project Manager
William "Willy" Rogers
Brita Child
Director, Customer Service
Lady Liberty
Bridger Tillotson
Technical Support Team Lead
Backup Boy
Jared Koncurat
Technical Support Representative
Dallas Brown
Technicial Support Representative
Dallas "Oskar Vallis" Brown
Patrick MacLane
Customer Relations Specialist
St. Patty Cakes
Josh Bambrook
Technical Support Representative
Lava Satini
Network Technical Service Representative
Lava Boy
Regan Stoker
Account Specialist
Regan the Riddler
Jiana Ford
Customer Support Coordinator
Sara Rubin
Matt's Keeper
Matthew Soriano
Director, Finance
Mad Max
Krystal Hooper
Why so serious?
Stacie Turley
AR/Payroll Supervisor
The Booger
Rhonda McLeod
Accounts Receivable Clerk
Gear Head
Stacy Ortiz
Accounts Receivable Clerk
Dog Whisperer
Erica Larabee
Accounts Payable Clerk
Justin Shake
Sr. Supply Chain Specialist
Sundance Kid
Alec Rojas
Warehouse Assistant
Alec Rojas
Warehouse Assistant
Beth Caven
Office Manager, People & Culture
The Better Half
Tina West
Technician Champion
Stud Finder
Patrick Kennedy
Project Management Administrator
Sales Team
Rich Van Patten
Director of Sales - RF
The Innovator
Chris Alder
Director of Sales Development
Mr Suite & Tie
Jon Caven
Director of Sales/GM of Midwest
Sled Head
Josh Turner
Director of Sales SW Region
Howdy Folks!
Andrew Johnson
Director of Sales - AT
The Viking
Ryan Toole
National Account Manager
The Tool Man
Bryce Christensen
National Account Manager
Inspector Gadget
Neil Bass
National Account Manager - Internet/WiFi
Large Mouth Bass
Francis Trudel
National Accounts Manager
Mr. International
Tracy Martin
National Accounts Manager
Mike Faddis
National Accounts Manager
Jeff Bashaw
National Accounts Manager
Taylor Cowan
National Accounts Manager
T Cow
Ryan Bruin
National Accounts Manager
Tom Steinmiller
Commercial Sales Manager
Mike Sartain
National Accounts Manager
Boyd Anderson
National Accounts Manager
Tommy Marcy
National Accounts Manager
Travis Powell
National Accounts Manager
Steven Brown
National Account Manager
Steven "Downtown" Brown
Travis Halterman
National Account Manager
Dog Dad
Ryan Dignam
Field Support Manager
Ry Bear
Paul Wells
Field Project Manager
Burning Man Fabio
Steve Terry 
Field Project Manager
Tanner Dunn
Field Project Manager
Dunn Good
Giovani Monsalve
Field Project Manager
Brandon Parker
Field Project Manager
Don Juan
Tye Weller
Field Project Manager
Mark Seigrist
Field Project Manager
Mark The Shark
Jon Lyon
Field Technician
Caffeine Junkie
Berny Maas
Field Technician
Kyle Kiedaisch
Field Technician
Pete Flores
Field Technician
El Guapo
Terry Adams
Field Technician
Jose Altheman
Field Technician
Jerod Bell
Field Technician Partner
Dillon Reinhardt
Field Technician Partner
  • AT&T Partner
Awards & Certifications

Groove is proud to have pioneered the industry’s first in-house certification program that has propelled our workforce and created a consistent experience for our customers.  We are grateful to have been recognized along the way with some of the industry’s most meaningful awards.

  • 2017 AT&T DRE Dealer of the Year
  • COM1000, COM2000
  • 2016 DIRECTV Top DRE Institutions Dealer
  • D2 Advantage
  • 2015 DIRECTV Best in Class for Lodging
  • DRE Basic, Dre Loop Through, DRE managed
  • 2016 DIRECTV Best in Class for Lodging
  • 2014 DIRECTV Dealer of the Year
  • Control4
  • 2014 DIRECTV L&I Retention Award
  • Ecosmart Certification, Telkonet Certified
  • 2013 DIRECTV Top Performing Lodging and Institutions
  • Ubiquity, Ruckus
  • 2012 DIRECTV All Around Dealer of the year
  • Fox Com Fiber Optic
  • 2011-2017 Energy Star Award
  • Samsung Reach Certified
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