Access Control

Embrace the future of building security with a Seamless Access Control.

Power up the Access of your property

Smart Access

Security and Safety

Simplified Management

Connected Living

Give access control to the main entrance, common areas and amenity spaces.

Main Entrance

Parking Access

Amenities Spaces

Visitor Access

Elevator Access

Unlocking doors in a faster and simpler way. Elevate the convenience for:


Staff & Maintenance

Visitors Deliveries


Modern Access Manager

Simple Installation

Convenient, easy to install and operate, Groove not only meets all the demands of a modern security system but also offers seamless installation, user-friendly operation, and a hassle-free setup process.

Compact and Discreet Design

The Access Manager has a compact and discreet design that ensures it blends seamlessly into any building structure. Enable a seamless integration, preserving the building's aesthetic appeal while offering uncompromising security features.


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Bring innovation to residents’ doorstep

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Cloud compatible

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Mobile credentials

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Power over Ethernet

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