Increase Recruiting and Retention with Quality TV for Your Mining Camps and Oil Rig

Written by Ana Boechat

Increase Recruiting and Retention with Quality TV for Your Mining Camps and Oil Rig

Excellent employees are the most important boon to any business, especially in industries like mining and oil; they are the backbone. 

Employee turnover can be a huge expense for your business, which doesn’t mean just recruiting new employees but also creating a huge learning curve and business downtime while you have to train new recruits. It’s best to retain your existing staff. Having a home away from home is what any of your employees would prefer. Entertainment plays a major role in providing a homey environment.

Mining/Oil Rig employees are typically provided accommodations in remote geographic areas. In some instances, they’re there for months. Despite efforts made to provide comfortable living quarters, these camps are seldom fun. Quality entertainment is a key factor in providing a satisfying environment.

Your organization can reach heights with strong employee retention. Groove Technology Solutions can show you how you can retain your staff with DIRECTV and provide you with a quote. Keep reading as we walk through the tips for using strong entertainment options to retain your top employees in your mining camps or oil fields.

Three Tips to Choosing Top Entertainment Systems 

The sole responsibility of retaining your employees rests on the hospitality of the residences you choose—the better the quality of their stay, the happier your employees will be. And a significant component of the quality of their stay includes the available entertainment. 

Despite the wide range of entertainment, TV is still the primary entertainment during a home-away-from-home stay. Distinctly your employees recognize the value of a good quality in-room entertainment system and have high hopes that there will be something of quality in the residence arrangements you provide.

Of course, a conventional cable lineup will suffice, but why not strive to be the employer of choice and go to the next step? Your employees likely have a wide range of alternatives at home. It would promote goodwill between you and your employees if you were to provide a similar experience for those residing at your temporary facilities. 

To compete with more expensive hotel experiences and provide expansive options your staff has available at home, you can find innovative capabilities through Groove Technology Solutions that fit your needs and are sure to thrill your employees. 

Here are three tips to help you get the most out of your television viewing experience:

  1. Search for a provider who offers a customized channel lineup to satisfy your employees’ needs. Example: DIRECTV (Groove Technology Solutions) incorporates the prime channels with the most advanced technology solutions to help your employees experience a homey environment.
  2. When employees switch on the television and face any issues, the service provider must work for the solution until the situation is rectified. 
  3. Make it a point to find a provider who can offer 24/7 customer care support to refine the quality of your experience. 

Mental Health in Camps Should Matter to Employers

There is no dispute that mining and the oil fields are physically demanding professions. Working circumstances are among the most unfriendly of any profession, and the work itself is difficult and risky. 

 “Mining is one of the most mentally taxing professions, which is the foremost concern in terms of physical risks. ~

Although the above quote is specific to miners, the same is true of those who work in the oil fields and on oil rigs.

The loneliness faced by the employees who are away from friends and family combined with significant work stress hits hard not just on the body but also on the mind. When neglected, mental health can be a challenging issue and is of huge concern for both the worker and employer. Rather than waiting until a problem has occurred, investing forethought into preventing mental health problems is worthwhile. 

These work environments are commonly located in remote areas. The workers will typically take advantage of what’s known as a fly-in-fly-out process (FIFO). They are provided with temporary accommodations to reside near their workplace, hence the name FIFO. 

Miners and roughnecks either spend their days working long shifts or living in their basic accommodations provided for them along with their fellow workers. The hard truth in these camps is that the workers need to maintain a social life and be entertained during their non-working time. Throughout their stay, which will usually last for weeks, if not months, most of the workers rely on technology to communicate with those back home. 

Working on a FIFO may or may not contribute to mental health issues, but it certainly creates an atmosphere that is not conducive to healthy mental health. To aid in the growth of the industry, being known for striving to maintain an environment that supports the good mental health of your employees plays a major role in retaining them. 

Can Watching TV Boost Employees’ Mental Health?

We all know that the media can elicit strong emotions, positive or negative. Various types of entertainment give peace of mind and positivity. Some examples are: 

  • Movies 
  • Podcasts 
  • Films 
  • TV programs 

Researchers say positive emotions have a direct impact on the body. A study was conducted that demonstrated that positive emotions could reverse displeasing symptoms associated with anxiety or stress.

This study measured baseline heart rates of participants before they were being asked to prepare a speech on a random topic, which induced anxiety. Participants were then given a random film clip that evoked emotions like: 

  • Amusement 
  • Neutrality 
  • Contentment 
  • Sadness 

Following the ‘anxiety induction task and viewing the film clip, participant’s heart rates were measured again. The researchers discovered that when participants experienced amusement or contentment, their heart rates returned to baseline significantly faster than those who experienced neutrality or sadness.

As a result, it would make sense to provide an environment where your staff can watch more good shows on TV to increase positive emotions. Remote workers require these positive emotions to relax their minds, which helps them retain good mental health. From the above-mentioned study, we can conveniently agree that TV plays a major role in providing positive emotions. 

Other Ways to Improve Your Remote Workers’ Stay

Using the FIFO process to make the to and fro commute easier and ensuring employees have an overall positive experience at the camp, your organization can keep your employees happier and retain them. 

Here are few steps to improve your miners’ and roughnecks’ stay:

  • Implement a mobile check-in facility in your stay for your employees to mark their arrival at the camp from any wireless-enabled device.
  • Help your employees keep from waiting in a long line at the main office by implementing on-site, electronic key activation.
  • If you have the service, provide housekeeping with a tablet to update the cleanliness status of the rooms to turn over the living quarters faster and check if they are ready to be occupied by the next group of employees as soon as possible.

This can also possibly improve the quality of their stay.  

Getting Down to Business

Life in the camps potentially has a lot going for them, both economically and socially. Providing your workers with a comfortable stay away from home seems like a no-brainer. Your organization wants the best service solutions for all employees in your camps.

TV is your employees’ primary source when it comes to entertainment, so having a quality TV at your camps would increase your retention rate and help define you as an employer of choice.

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