Setting up a Custom Channel List for a Managed DRE

Written by Sidney Rogers

Managed DRE Custom Channel List

MCS allows the property’s management to setup a channel list for the receiver. Channel lists control what channels show up in the guide display on a particular receiver. Please keep in mind that even if the channel does not display in the guide it can still be tuned manually via the remote control by entering the channel number. Channel lists are not channel locking mechanism, merely a display convenience.

To open the channel configuration interface, click the overlapping squares icon to the right of the “Channel Lists” label. You may experience a short delay before the interface window displays or a short delay before the channel list populates. MCS retrieves the channel list from the receivers connected to MCS in real-time which causes a few seconds delay.

After the channels are listed in Configure Channel List screen you can configure your channel list by selecting the check boxes one at a time or select a range of check boxes using the shift key. For instance, if you want to select channels 500-550 you should hold the shift key check the check box for channel 500 and then select the check box for channel 550.