My TV doesn’t show a picture:

Written by Sidney Rogers

Picture not showing – Black Screen

  • Ensure that both the TV and the DIRECTV receiver are powered on.
  • Locate the original remote that came with the TV. If you can’t find the original remote, look for buttons on the TV.
    • Locate the button called “Input” or “Source” or “A/V” or “Video” (The name on the button varies by TV brand)
  • Press on the button found on your remote Press this button. Depending on your TV, it may cycle through available inputs or display a menu with a choice of inputs.
    • If pressing the button brings up a new input, press this button slowly until the correct Input is found and the picture is displayed. Your desired input is almost always HDMI or Component
    • If pressing the button brings up a menu of the available inputs, use the arrows to select the input you want. Then press on OK/Select to confirm your input choice.
  • You should now see a picture on your screen.
  • If nothing shows up on the screen, you may want to verify on the back of the TV that the cables are connected properly.
  • You are looking for an HDMI, Coax cable, Component, composite or RCA cable that is snug into the correct slot.
  • Trace the cable to the DIRECTV source. Either a DIRECTV receiver or a directly to wall plate.
  • If the receiver has power you may have a bad receiver, or cable that is hooked up to the TV or bad port in the TV.