How to fix a DIRECTV Bouncing Logo

Written by Sidney Rogers

You will need to be in front of the DIRECTV headend (rack), you will also need to use a TV to see how to navigate on the receiver.

On the DIRECTV receiver that corresponds with the missing channel (receivers are labelled with the channel number), hit the SELECT button on the front panel of the receiver.

The screen should highlight the channel that it is set on.

If it is on the right channel push the SELECT button on the receiver.

If it is on the wrong channel use the arrow buttons on the DIRECTV receiver to navigate to the correct channel on the guide.

Once highlighted hit SELECT on the DIRECTV receiver.

If the channel does not appear on the TV monitor, please record the error message that appears on the screen and contact Groove Entertainment Technologies at 801-994-3642 or email us at [email protected]