FAQ – Managed DRE

Written by Sidney Rogers

   Q: A customer has set parental locks in one of the rooms. How can I remove parental locks if I do not know the password?

    A: You can easily reset your parental locks with your managed server. Please see the guide How to Reset Parental Locks below.

If the step-by-step instructions do not resolve the issue, please contact DIRECTV at 1-800-388-2505 with the RID information and they can reset the parental locks from their end.

    Q: How can I hide channels or create a custom channel list for our rooms?

    A: The managed server allows your property’s management to setup a channel list for the receivers. Channel lists control what channels show up in the guide display on a particular receiver.

*Please keep in mind that even if the channel does not display in the guide it can still be tuned manually via the remote control by entering the channel number. Channel lists are not channel locking mechanism, merely a display convenience. Please see the guide Setting Up a Custom Channel List below and follow the steps.

   Q: What features are available on our managed server?

   A: For your convenience, we have attached the user manual which gives you a full view of what is available and instructions to make changes on your system. We hope you find the user manual helpful. If you have more specific questions we can help you with, please contact us at 801-994-3642 or at [email protected].