FAQ for ZeeVee’s and Headends

Written by Sidney Rogers

Q: I am not getting any volume on one of our channels, how can I fix this?

    A: Its likely the receiver needs a hard reset in order to resolve this issue. Please see the No Volume on One Channel below

    Q: One of our channels is showing the wrong channel, how can I fix this?

Example: Channel 3 should show CNN but instead it’s showing ESPN. 

    A: It is fairly simple to resolve this issue. Please see Changing a Wrong Channel below

   Q: I am getting a DIRECTV logo or a blue or black screen on a channel, how can I fix this?

    A: It is possible that the receiver that is dedicated to that channel has gone to the screensaver (DIRECTV bouncing logo) or it has gone to sleep. Please see the guide for DIRECTV Bouncing Logo below.

    Q: I am not getting any channels in any of our rooms, how can I fix it?

    A: First, check the power to your DIRECTV headend and make sure it has red and blue lights DIRECTV receivers and modulators. The lights indicate the health of the system. Each receiver should have a glowing blue DIRECTV symbol and the modulators should have a red light to indicate they are getting power. If you do not have power to the system, check the breaker or outlet the system is plugged into to restore power. Second, have you had any heavy rain or snow storms? If so, make sure your dish heater is powered on and also check the dish to see if there is snow built up on the dish. If there is snow built up, it will need to be removed in order to pick up a signal again. If these things do not resolve the issue, please contact our support department at 801-994-3642 or email us at [email protected].

    Q: I am experiencing pixelation in several rooms, how can I fix it?

    A: Pixelation is caused when the signal is not strong enough. Sometimes this means that a coax is not tightened enough, it also could mean that part is starting to go out. Contact our support line at 801-994-3642 or email us at [email protected] to further assist with this issue.

    Q: How can I get a channel guide for our rooms?

    A: With the unique system you have, we do not have a copy of your channel line up due your channel line up being specific to your property. Your channel line up is selected by you upon installation. Unfortunately, we do not create channel guides but we encourage you to create your own custom channel guide. You can do this by using a TV on site and go through each channel and write down the number with the corresponding channel. You can then create a document in Word and print out copies for each of your rooms.