over the top broadcasting for hotels

Over-the-top broadcasting (OTT Broadcasting) changes the hotel guest experience and replicates the at-home feel. Keep guests happy by giving them the content they want, when they want it.

What Your Guests Deserve

Steaming content and on demand entertainment is the new standard in media consumption. For the better part of a decade the general public has formed a habit of being able to watch what they want, when they want to, for no extra charge. Providing OTT content is no longer a luxurious amenity, but rather the standard for the majority of the hotels around the world.
By providing over-the-top broadcasting you are giving your guest what they want, the comfort they experience in their own home.

Our OTT Benefits

We invest the very best in our technicians because we want them to invest their very best in you. 

You can count on our experienced engineers to design the right solution for your property. 

Money is tight. We get it. We can help turn your technology expense into a cost-saving operational expense. 

We genuinely care about the quality of your experience and will work to find solutions that make you happy. 


Our experienced team is focused on providing a problem-free installation, so you can focus on what you do best. 

You no longer have to wait until your contract expires with Groove’s Upgrade Anytime option. 

Let's Work Together
Single Invoice Solutions

Ask us how you can get all your technology solutions as well as your multiple locations on a single monthly bill with our no upfront cost plans. 

Providing Solutions Nationwide

Like most businesses, we come from humble beginnings.  We know the importance of each business relationship and the value of those relationships.  Our business is based on the ability to provide individualized attention to each customer with the capabilities to support nearly any customer.

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