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Across the street from the Texas Rangers Baseball Club’s spring training complex stands Rangers Village, a multi-story, dormitory-style housing facility designed to be used year-round. It includes a residence hall, dining area, recreation room, fitness room, outdoor patio space, auditorium, and classrooms.

One of the objectives for constructing the facility was to eliminate the need for players to stay in hotels or rent apartments or homes. To provide the highest quality of life, the Rangers sought to build a space that had all of the comforts of home so that players would want to stay on-site.

Texas Rangers Baseball Club Suite Common Area

“During the construction of this facility, we knew that we would need to install a range of technologies to create an inviting environment,” said Lauren Fields, Coordinator at Rangers Village. “We needed a television with DIRECTV in each of the residential quarters, WiFi, wired Ethernet, and other connectivity technologies. A large part of the objective was to give players the ability to watch television, browse the internet, and play their Playstation or Xbox gaming consoles.”

To accomplish their goal, the Rangers sought an innovative technology partner that could provide customized, state-of-the-art solutions along with top-notch customer service. Ideally, the partner would be able to handle all of the technology services the new facility would need. That’s when the Rangers found Groove Technology Solutions.

“The Groove Technology Solutions team gave us exactly what we were looking for. They’ve helped us create a space where our players want to be.”

– Lauren Fields, Coordinator at Rangers Village

Texas Rangers Baseball Club Video Technology


Groove Technology Solutions met with representatives from the Rangers to uncover all of the project requirements. Armed with a thorough understanding of how the facility would be used, Groove began an installation that would take more than a year to complete.

To take care of the Rangers video technology needs, Groove’s installation included low-voltage cabling, smart televisions mounted on walls, and DIRECTV at each television. Additionally, Groove installed a fiber internet circuit along with CenturyLink’s local exchange access line service. To complete the installation, Groove also provided custom cabling solutions for the sports lab, as well as a security and video surveillance system installed throughout the facility.

Texas Rangers Baseball Club Internet and Wi-Fi

“The players were very excited to see that there were plenty of ports that allow them to connect their gaming consoles and have fun alone or with each other,” said Lauren. “The players who needed the internet to complete schoolwork or stay in touch with friends and family back in their home countries were just as excited.”

According to Lauren, Groove’s thoroughness and responsiveness have been highly professional. “We’re so pleased with the work that the Groove team has done that we are exploring new projects for them to help us with. It’s all very exciting.”