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Since 1985, McArthur’s Temple View RV Resort has been serving the needs of the RVers visiting Southwest Utah. Whether the guests are snowbirds from the north or vacationers from Las Vegas, they find Temple View as an oasis with amenities, including a pool, Jacuzzi, laundry room, and fitness center.

“We are proud of what our resort offers to our visitors,” said Ira McArthur, the owner and general manager. “However, we were having a problem providing proper digital cable to the 270 RV sites on the property. With as many as ninety RVs coming and going in a day, we have plenty of guests to keep happy.”

The way the cable system worked was that a set-top cable box had to be connected to each TV in each RV, which was a struggle for both guests and the resort.

“As you can imagine, this was impossible for many of the high-dollar RVs because they have multiple TVs that are mounted in such a way that it’s difficult to get behind the TVs to connect the coaxial cable,” said Ira. “This was terrible for the guests and a huge headache for me. I even employed a part-time employee to do nothing more than troubleshoot cable TV problems.”

McArthur's Temple View RV Resort UT DIRECTV Solution

The problem was so bad that Temple View received many negative guest reviews on Google.

“Just imagine the type of review you would leave if you and your family came in after hours, but the office was closed, and you would like to watch TV,” said Ira. “You want to connect to cable, but you can’t get behind your TV because it’s already hardwired. You are left with no digital TV service.”

Of course, Temple View had a local cable company's telecommunications provider, but that provider only offered set-top boxes.

“What we were doing wasn’t working. We needed a new solution,” said Ira.

To solve his problem, Ira turned to Groove.

“Working with the Groove team has been fantastic. We got the perfect solution.”

-Ira McArthur, Owner and General Manager

McArthur's Temple View RV Resort UT DIRECTV Installation


When Ira brought in the Groove team, they knew exactly what to do: first visit the resort to discuss the issue with Ira.

“What I liked immediately about the Groove team was its leadership,” said Ira. “We really liked the way they approached us and our problems.”

After gaining an understanding of the problems, Groove converted a closet into the central cable distribution point and rewired the distribution to the spaces. Now, all visitors can connect to one coaxial cable, which provides a reliable HDTV cable signal from DIRECTV to all of the TVs in the RV.